Review: Finzi Clarinet Concerto in Middleton, Wisconsin

Clarinetist Joseph Morris is Splendid in Middle Community Orchestra’s 2014 Holiday Concert

[Gerald Finzi’s] splendid Concerto for Clarinet and Strings was the astute choice of soloist Joseph Morris, the dazzling young clarinetist currently gracing the Madison Symphony Orchestra. Morris proved a virtuosic but eloquent champion of this witty and imaginative work. He was properly assertive in the opening movement, and really swinging in the playful rondo-finale. But he was particularly appealing in the beautiful middle movement, in which the orchestra’s string players demonstrated their progress as a handsomely focused ensemble.

There are not that many important clarinet concertos, much less great ones. But Morris and Kurr have allowed us to hear a great one, and one that should be placed up there close to Mozart’s masterpiece.”

John W. Barker, The Isthmus

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